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Enjoy some of Andorra’s best cuisine

Enjoy some of Andorra’s best cuisine

The Xixerella Park sales team will be delighted to advise you on other services, such as events and banquets, which can be tailored to fit needs of every client.

Enjoy some of Andorra’s best cuisine, with the added bonus of an unbeatable quality-price ratio, at Xixerella Park’s La Torrada restaurant, located two minutes from La Massana and eight minutes from the Andorra shopping centre.

Restaurante La Torrada has a weekly menu with:
Four entrees
Four side dishes

Restaurant La Torrada

Restaurant La Torrada

Personalized service and a specialty in Andorran cuisine make our La Torrada restaurant the ideal place to sample the country’s flavours or to indulge your palate with one of our more elaborate dishes.
Our resort in Andorra invites you to try the different market-fresh dishes prepared at our Restaurante la Torrada.